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Double Majors/Minors

Many ETP majors pursue double majors and minors in a variety of other subjects such as Environmental Science, Politics, Economics, Philosophy, and Religious Studies among others. We encourage you to consider adding a deeper dive into one of the disciplines. Doing so can be relatively easy because ETP requirements overlap with requirements of the new curriculum and with some requirements of specific disciplinary majors. Please read the requirements about double majoring and minoring set forth by the College of Arts and Sciences.

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Study Abroad

We encourage students to seek opportunities for study abroad. As with all majors, students must seek approval from specific departments at UVa for credit. Contact the director early on for help navigating the process. To find a compatible program, we recommend that ETP students interested in studying abroad go to other universities’ websites for ETP-like majors and see if there are recommended programs through those universities. Unless it is replacing an ETP course, we cannot approve it for credit.

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Distinguished Majors Project (DMP)

Majors with a minimum 3.6 GPA in the major (and 3.4 GPA overall) are eligible for a distinguished majors program (DMP) for their fourth year. DMPs take a year-long independent study with a faculty advisor, with the goal of producing a thesis that is evaluated by outside readers. To participate in the ETP distinguished majors program, set up an appointment with Professor Lawrence during the spring semester of your third year.

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Sustainability Fellows Research Grants

Approximately $5,000 for research with a faculty member over the summer or during the school year. To be used for materials and supplies, travel, and/or a stipend.

Double Hoo Grant

Work with a graduate student on a research project. 

Environmental Resilience Institute Grants

The Environmental Resilience Institute often has small grants available.

ERI Website

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Environmental Resilience Institute

$5,000 stipend and a placement in an environmental organization such as the Nature Conservancy, the Environmental Defense Fund, or the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Summer Internship

Parents Fund Internship Grants

$3000 for a summer stipend. Parents Fund Internship Grants (PFIG) are awarded in the spring of each academic year and are intended to provide funds that support students who have secured unpaid public service internships. The Committee on Sustainability funds 16-20 fellowships for internships that relate in some way to sustainability and the environment. In 2020, including both sustainability and public service internships, 32 grants of $3,000 each are available. 

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That internship could help support you for an internship here in Charlottesville:

And so many more! Find your dream internship and get a grant to pay for it.

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